Dear Shop Owners,

We are writing this letter to inform  everyone about an exciting upcoming event.  We are working on our “One  Stop Shop Hop” type event for July of 2020.   This year we are adding a  miniature quilt show during the East Texas Thimble Trail in hope that it  will draw in more people to the show.  I ask that you tell your  customers about the show.

We are looking for quilts to be submitted.  The prizes will be awarded by viewer’s choice.  

The  location will be in Huntsville, Texas which lies between Houston and  Dallas on I-45.  We will be in a 20,000 sq/ft air conditioned building  which is located at the Walker County Fairgrounds. The fairground is  located west of Huntsville on Highway 30 approximately 3 miles off of  I-45 on the left. The dates are as follows July 24th – July 25th with  set –up after noon on July 23.  We will end the event at 4 P.M. on the  25th. 

We would greatly appreciate you promoting this  event for us.  I have enclosed postcards and a flyer to display in your  shop.  If your customer brings the postcards to the event we will give  them $1.00 off the admission.  If you need more information or have  additional questions feel free to call me at 936-594-1237 or email me at

Heavenly Threads Quilt ShopTrinity, Texas 75862